Social Cultural Rights

• Implementation of the Prohibition of the Female Genital Mutilation Act, 2010.
• Advocacy for enactment of a comprehensive Sexual Offences Bill into law.
• Promotion of Reproductive Rights with a focus on legalizing of safe abortion.
• Promotion of women & girls right to education.
• Implementation of The Domestic Violence Act, 2009.
• Advocacy for Amendment of the Marriage Act & The Divorce Act.
• Research existing laws & cultural practices that discriminate against women.
• A Comparative Study of the Rights of Women and Gender Equality in the East African Community (EAC).

Economic Rights

• Implementation of The Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2009.
• Advocacy for Amendment of the Succession Act.
• Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning women & girls land rights.
• Promotion of Domestic Worker’s Rights.
• Monitoring and Evaluation labour laws with focus on maternity leave paternity leave and protection from sexual harassment.
• Research on Intellectual Property Rights with a focus on women.

Political Rights

• Promotion of rights of young women to participate in politics and decision making.
• Advance the Project : She Leads: Empowering Young Women in Politics.
• Monitoring and Evaluating the impact of existing laws & practices on women and girls’ participation in politics.

Special Rights of Women Minority Rights

• Research on Rights of the Elderly with a focus on Elderly Women.
• Research on Rights of the PWDs with a focus on Women & Girls.
• Research on Rights of Refugees with a focus on Women & Girls.
• A study on women’s right to development with a focus on resources such as minerals, oil, energy & environmental protection.
• Research and Advocacy for Minority Rights.

Institution Building & Partnerships

• Provision of legal technical support and referral services via Strategic Coalition & Law Chambers
• Capacity Building of Staff & Associate Members.
• Mapping, Search & Appraisal of Partnerships.
• Strengthening the Resource Center, Provision of Space for Coalition Meetings & Interns.
• Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of the Strategic Plan.